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We don’t just run ads, we drive results. Our Google Ads services are built around achieving specific outcomes for your business, whether that’s boosting sales, increasing brand awareness, or generating leads. To ensure success, we collaborate with you to define clear key performance indicators (KPIs) that directly tie to your goals. This allows us to track progress, optimise campaigns in real-time, and deliver measurable results that matter to your bottom line.

From strategy to success, we handle your Google Ads campaign journey. Our experts design targeted campaigns that align perfectly with your unique goals. We’ll identify the right campaign type, craft compelling ad copy, and choose strategic keywords to reach your ideal audience. Our meticulous implementation ensures your ads are displayed effectively across the Google Search Network or Display Network, maximizing your return on investment.

Data-driven decisions for continuous improvement. We don’t just launch campaigns and set them on autopilot. Our team meticulously analyzes campaign performance, tracking key metrics like impressions, clicks, conversions, and cost-per-acquisition. These insights allow us to identify areas for optimization, refine your targeting, and adjust bids for maximum efficiency. Through ongoing analysis and measurement, we ensure your Google Ads campaigns are constantly evolving to deliver the best possible results.

While “Rinse & Repeat” might sound simple, it’s the core of our success. We don’t just throw up a campaign and walk away. We take a comprehensive approach, from crafting targeted ads to meticulous analysis. We design, implement, analyze, and optimize – then we rinse and repeat, continually refining your campaigns to maximise performance and ensure you achieve your ever-evolving marketing goals. Let us help your business flourish in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Work with a Google partner

Maximise your Google Ads results with a Google Partner. Our certified experts deliver cutting-edge strategies and proven campaign management to help your business soar. his means you get exclusive access to cutting-edge features, expert campaign management, and data-driven strategies designed to achieve your specific goals.


92% of online experiences begin with a search. That’s why the giants of search – principally Google and Bing – are the gatekeepers of the Internet, and wield enormous power. That’s also why every single digital marketing agency puts Search Engine Marketing (SEM) at the forefront of their proposals. But that doesn’t mean they’re effective at it.

There are many reasons it’s difficult to get big results from SEM without spending even bigger money. First and foremost is it’s dog-eat -dog competitiveness. That means choosing the right agency is critical.

Another reason it’s difficult is that the only thing that changes more often than search engines is the weather. Google is known to update its algorithms a stunning 500 times a year. Some of these changes have big consequences for SEM strategies since they can have an impact on Quality Scores and other crucial indicators. You need expertise from people who have the time to follow these changes and the expertise to understand them.

Yes, at Paperstack we are both Bing and Google Partners. Our SEM specialists are highly-experienced and based here, in Melbourne. At Paperstack, we believe in accountability, so our specialists don’t hide behind Account Managers. This means you can deal directly with the person responsible for your campaign strategy, reporting and optimisation.

First, it’s about understanding what success looks like to your business. Once we have a clear understanding on this, and set KPI’s for the campaign we can then measure performance.

It doesn’t stop at measuring performance though. Taking valuable insights from campaign results gives us the information we need to continually optimise and improve performance. This effort is continuous.

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