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We Are Paperstack

Welcome to Paperstack, where we don’t just stack paper—we stack your digital success! In the vast, tangled web of the internet, we’re the nimble navigators steering your brand toward the spotlight. Our small but mighty team of seasoned pros is armed with the sharpest SEO strategies, the most compelling Google Ads, and social media magic that turns likes into love.

We might be a small-crew, but we pack a punch, partnering with businesses across every industry to craft campaigns as unique as your thumbprint. Whether you’re aiming for world domination or just a little more love on Instagram, we’ve got you covered. Let’s turn your goals into reality, one strategic move at a time. Ready to stack up some wins? Let’s get to work!

Our Values


At Paperstack, trust is the foundation of everything we do. We’re all about visibility and transparency—no smoke and mirrors here. Our commitment to delivering what we promise, when we promise it, means you can count on us to keep our word and keep you informed every step of the way. We believe in earning your trust through consistent, reliable results that speak for themselves.

Get Shit Done

We don’t just talk the talk; we walk the walk and get things done. Efficiency is our middle name, and we’re all about measuring twice and cutting once to ensure every move we make is strategic and effective. Our team thrives on rolling up our sleeves and delivering top-notch work that drives your business forward. No fuss, no frills—just results.


Curiosity didn’t kill the cat; it built a digital marketing powerhouse. We’re naturally inquisitive, always asking questions and staying humble in our quest for knowledge. This curiosity drives us to explore new ideas, test innovative strategies, and keep learning in an ever-evolving industry. By staying curious, we ensure we’re always at the forefront of the latest trends and technologies, ready to bring fresh, creative solutions to your business.

Customer Success

Your success is our success, and nothing makes us happier than seeing you win. We’re dedicated to delivering results that make a real difference for your business, backed by exceptional service that keeps you smiling. From the first strategy session to the final report, we’re here to support you, celebrate your victories, and help you achieve your goals. At Paperstack, we’re all about creating success stories—let’s make yours the next one!

Our Leadership

Sean Clancy

General Manager

Ally Latimer

Client Service Manager

Caleb Johnstone

SEO Director

Jake Hackett

Lead Web Designer

Our Clients

We’ve played a pivotal role in catapulting renowned brands to even greater heights.

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Sean Clancy

Managing Director

Meet Sean Clancy, our fearless Managing Director and the man with the plan. With 15 years of digital marketing experience under his belt, Sean has spent a decade as an SEO Director at some of the industry’s leading agencies, mastering the art and science of search engine optimisation. Hailing from the beautiful land of New Zealand, Sean brings a touch of Kiwi ingenuity (and humour) to everything he does.

A huge Rugby League fan, Sean’s passion for the game translates into his professional life—he’s all about strategy, teamwork, and achieving those big wins. His love for digital marketing is matched only by his love for the sport, and his commitment to excellence is unwavering. At Paperstack, Sean’s expertise and enthusiasm drive our success, ensuring we’re always ahead of the game and ready to tackle any challenge that comes our way.

Alexandra Latimer – Operations Manager

Alexandra Latimer

Operations Manager

Say hello to Alexandra Latimer, our dynamic Operations Manager who keeps the Paperstack engine running smoothly. With a decade of experience on both the client and agency sides, Alexandra excels at managing teams, driving efficiencies, and fostering an unbeatable office culture. Her strategic mind and well-rounded expertise make her an invaluable asset to our team.
But it’s not all work and no play with Alexandra. A die-hard Collingwood Magpies fan, her passion for AFL is matched only by her love for movies and her impressive eating speed—seriously, you’ve never seen anyone finish lunch so fast! With Alexandra at the helm, ensuring everything runs like clockwork, our team is not just efficient but also a whole lot of fun. She brings energy, enthusiasm, and a touch of Aussie spirit to everything she does, making Paperstack a great place to work and a great partner for our clients.

Caleb Johnstone

SEO Director

Meet Caleb Johnstone, our SEO Manager and the brains behind our search engine strategies. With 5 years of experience leading SEO initiatives and a background in web development, Caleb brings a unique technical perspective to the table. His transition to SEO was driven by his passion for the dynamic nature of the field and his love for staying on top of the latest SEO news and trends.
Caleb’s curiosity knows no bounds, and he thrives on tackling new challenges head-on. Whether it’s decoding the latest algorithm updates or devising innovative strategies to boost our clients’ online presence, Caleb is always eager to push the boundaries and explore new possibilities. His blend of technical know-how and strategic insight makes him an invaluable asset to our team, ensuring that Paperstack remains at the forefront of the SEO game.

Jake Hackett

SEO Director

Jake has a diverse portfolio, having worked with a wide range of businesses and custom website builds from small startups to large multinational corporations.

His approach involves creating custom, feature-rich, and high-performance websites that are both user-friendly and optimised for SEO. He is known for his commitment to customer satisfaction, offering guarantees on usability, turnaround time, and search engine friendliness of the websites he develops.