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Search Engine Marketing can be the most efficient form of digital marketing – put your brand in front of customers who are already actively searching for your products and services.

Our SEM Process


It all starts with listening. We work to gain an intimate understanding of your business goals, objectives and target audience to identify the problems we can help solve and determine opportunities that will help feed into your SEM strategy.


After obtaining a deep understanding of your business, we’ll begin building a tailored paid search strategy for your business. This is where we determine the most cost-effective way to drive conversion amongst your target audience.


Executing paid search ads is no easy feat, but keeping up with the ever-changing platforms is a job that we really love. We’ll use our expertise to set up complex ad campaigns guaranteed to pull your customers in.


From the moment we begin placing your ads, we start to monitor value and effectiveness. Because we have such a thorough understanding of your business goals, we know exactly which measurements are most critical and report on them regularly.


We collect data to fine-tune our advertising efforts. But optimisation isn’t just about your ads, it’s also about the landing pages we’re driving traffic to. We take action to ensure these pages are efficiently driving customers further down your marketing funnel.

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Our SEM Expertise

Google Search

Google is responsible for over 95% of searches in Australia, It’s also fiercely competitive which makes it difficult to get advertising with Google Search right. The best way to outmanoeuvre the competition is through a clever use of keywords. We’re experts at unearthing those elusive keywords and phrases that generate results.

Google Display Network

The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide with targeted display ads. We’ll help you design the right balance of attention grabbing text and visuals while ensuring your ads show up on the most relevant websites to reach your audience, generate clicks and drive valuable traffic to your website.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping provides businesses with an opportunity to increase their visibility and accessibility online. Businesses report a 30% higher conversion rate through Shopping Ads than traditional Google Search text ads. Shopping ads are extremely visual and consumer friendly, since users can quickly search by product type, pricing, materials and more.

Bing Advertising

Bing is a powerful tool for brands with strong visual identities. The platform may only reach 10% of the global search market but when that equates to 556 million users it’s not something marketers can afford to ignore. As it’s become ever more effective, we have increasingly woven it into clients' digital marketing strategies to reach customers they couldn’t have got anywhere else (and at a lower cost).


Arguably our favourite tool in the digital marketing arsenal, and one of the best techniques for cutting down on squandered effort. Targeting customers who have already shown interest has a much higher success rate than trying to convert a new customer. Microsoft and Google have sophisticated tools we can use to track down, retarget and convert.

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We strive to learn as much as we can about our client’s businesses to fully entrench ourselves as valued partners and irreplaceable assets within their organisation.

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Why do you need SEM?

92% of online experiences begin with a search. That’s why the giants of search – principally Google and Bing – are the gatekeepers of the Internet, and wield enormous power. That’s also why every single digital marketing agency puts Search Engine Marketing (SEM) at the forefront of their proposals. But that doesn’t mean they’re effective at it.

There are many reasons it’s difficult to get big results from SEM without spending even bigger money. First and foremost is it’s dog-eat -dog competitiveness. That means choosing the right agency is critical.

Another reason it’s difficult is that the only thing that changes more often than search engines is the weather. Google is known to update its algorithms a stunning 500 times a year. Some of these changes have big consequences for SEM strategies since they can have an impact on Quality Scores and other crucial indicators. You need expertise from people who have the time to follow these changes and the expertise to understand them.

Is Paperstack a platform-certified agency?

Yes, at Paperstack we are both Bing and Google Partners. Our SEM specialists are highly-experienced and based here, in Melbourne. At Paperstack, we believe in accountability, so our specialists don’t hide behind Account Managers. This means you can deal directly with the person responsible for your campaign strategy, reporting and optimisation.

How do you measure campaign peformance?

First, it’s about understanding what success looks like to your business. Once we have a clear understanding on this, and set KPI’s for the campaign we can then measure performance.

It doesn’t stop at measuring performance though. Taking valuable insights from campaign results gives us the information we need to continually optimise and improve performance. This effort is continuous.

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