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PaperStack brings in a new age of Digital Marketing Agencies. Did you know that in Australia alone, there are over 6,500 agencies that offer digital marketing services? This shows how simple it is to call yourself a digital marketer and from this, PaperStack was born.
At PaperStack, we are marketers first and foremost. We strive to learn as much as we can about our client’s businesses to fully entrench ourselves as valued partners and irreplaceable assets within their organisation. By intimately understanding our clients, their business, their target market, and their goals and objectives, we can create multi-channel, winning digital campaigns.

What is ROI?

If you consider the definition of ROI, it is very similar to that of ROAS: profit minus cost, divided by cost. The difference lies in how cost is defined.
PPC click spend isn’t the only cost pertaining to a PPC campaign. In eCommerce, there are costs involved to manufacture products and deliver goods. There are costs of returned goods and credit cad processing costs.
When it comes to lead generation, you still have to consider fixed costs like those that keep you’re website running: equipment, servers and technicians. Then there are the salaries of people who follow up the leads.
So what does this mean for PPC?
Well, to truly understand the overall spend on an advertising campaign, you have to factor in all costs, and not just that of click spend. You have to consider all costs and apply those across the board.

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